Renato Migliaccio: The Essence of BJJ Basics

Renato Migliaccio is a BJJ Pan American Champion, European Champion, and Brazilian National Champion. His new course called “Invicible Basics” is designed to give students mastery over BJJ’s fundamental positions, transitions, and submissions, and it is not available online with his FREE Video series. [ Get Renato’s “Invincible Basics” and Free Video Series Here! ]

Conceptual understanding in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a science. Conceptual understanding is the idea that a certain part of a technique will hold through in multiple other areas of the sport. A great example of this is the idea of initial snugness. If you can lock on your submission attempt as snug and tight to the person as possible, the more likely you will get your finish. If you attempt an armbar you are more likely to get the tap the tighter your hips are onto their shoulder. If you attempt a rear naked choke you are more likely to get the tap if you shoot your choking arm in with no space to give. Recently I was able to interview Renato Migliaccio and we talked conceptually about the essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


The Proper Jiu Jitsu Mindset

In order to succeed in this sport you cannot just go through the motions. If your mind isn’t on point then best of luck to you when competing. You need to formulate a game plan and hit it, hard. You cannot give up over the hardships of loosing and you have to fight back with everything you’ve got in order to win. If you’re looking to just get in a few good sweeps and then hope for the best then you will not reach your full potential. In this article I found it talks about how to overcome the mental barriers of being new and starting out a martial art, it should help out anyone looking to get into the sport. Having the right mindset is as crucial as good technique and both are needed to win. Renato covers this concept in my interview with him below.


The Fight Conceptually

Understanding concepts is important because when push comes to shove and your adrenaline is pumping, you can look deep inside you and pull something out of your hat because you fully understood what it would take to overcome the adversity. A good example of this is the bottom. In all bottom positions to goal is to either to create a sweep or scramble to take top position or to control your opponent in a guard and in turn sweep or submit them. Another good example is the other side of the coin, the top game. The goal in the top game is to pass the opponents guard, maintain control, and finish a submission.

Invincible Basics BJJ

Renato just recently released his “Invincible Basics BJJ” course and it incorporates many conceptual theories into it. One such is with what he calls “Invisible Jiu Jitsu”. Invisible Jiu Jitsu is the idea that someone has mastered a certain technique or position so well that you can tell the difference immediately. A great example of this is how wrestlers can make themselves feel so much heavier on you just because of the way the position and hold their body on you. If you need a better example just ask a new white belt to hold you in side control and then ask your instructor too. The concepts of invisible jiu jitsu are all about how someone sits in a position, how they move, how they distribute their weight, how they react to situations and see opportunities, etc. 

I recenlty put together a breakdown of Renato’s entire course which you can find here at the Science of Skill blog.

All of this and more can be learnt in his new course. Hopefully you’ll check it out and start understanding exactly to a science what BJJ is.

Daniel Faggella

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