Bill Duffy of Kimura BJJ

Editors Note: BJJ Schools can be hard to find, we like it when we see the art spread across the nation and internationlly.  We feature new schools opening to help…

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2010 IBJJF Chicago World Open Results

[h3]Complete Results IBJJF Chicago Open Results[/h3] Academy results: 1- Lloyd Irvin 2- Carlson Gracie Team 3- Gracie Barra [span class="important-title-red"]BJ Penn, Gracies + DVD[/span]Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Magazine, Includes DVD  Royler…

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Kid Peligro Seminar and Top BJJ Tips

Kid Perligro: A man with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu career that spans nearly two decades, includes authoring or co-authoring 16 books on the art, and training and learning with legends of…

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