Franco de Camargo

Franco de Camargo is the co-founder of one of the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools in Orange County, California. His school, OC Carlson Gracie, now run by Troy Acker, is still…


Troy Acker

Troy Acker is an OC OG. As a member of Orange County Carlson Gracie academy since 1994, Troy went from white belt to gym owner in the same academy where…

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Review: Elite Sports Star Series

I’ve selected Elite Sports Star Series Black/Purple long-sleeve training rash guard – at $24.99 – and Plain Grey Compression Training Spat Pants – priced at $15.99 – for review, and was very pleased with the products overall.


Spotlight on: Dustin Shelhamer

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu continually serves as a unique outlet in transforming lives. The BJJ Effect is exhibited through many compelling stories ranging from an individual reaching their athletic goals to one’s…


Chronically Positive

“Chronically Positive” is a collection of essays for dealing with everyday issues. Whether those issues are as big as chronic kidney disease or as minuscule as a nagging honey do…