NeverTap Knee Guard

NeverTap Knee Guard

If you are serious about protecting your knees during your BJJ training, then the NeverTap Knee Guard has you covered.


Introducing the Nevertap Knee Guard, designed to protect and reinforce your knees during the most grueling training and competition, without reducing mobility and effectiveness.


You have spent countless hours on the mat. Bumps, bruises, scratches, blisters, broken fingers  – you have had them all. But none of them have stopped you from getting back out there. You are not weak. You will not let these minor setbacks get in the way of progress. But then one wrong move and you hear a dreaded pop in your knee followed by severe pain. You’ve torn your MCL and may need to take months off from training. The NeverTap Knee Guard aims to reduce the likelihood of moments such as this.


The Nevertap Knee Guard has declared war on knee injuries. As the only product specifically designed to support the knees of BJJ practitioners day-in and day-out, it is quickly becoming a top choice among Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes who are looking for a superior level of knee protection. Made with military-grade nylon springs and industrial strength latex padding, the Nevertap Knee Guard ensures natural joint movement and provides superior protection.

Go to to join the crusade against knee injuries. At only $29.95 with a money-back guarantee, there’s no reason to wait any longer! Get yours today.

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