A Selection from the Royce Gracie Issue of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Magazine.

{rokbox thumb=|/images/stories/issue1_100x132_1.jpg|}/images/stories/issue1_258x335.jpg{/rokbox}Features include Interviews with Royce, Rigan Machado, Kyra Gracie, Marcio Feitosa, Marcio Cavalcanti, Tinguinha, Training tips, Ginastica Natural with Alvaro Romano.

This Magazine includes a DVD and a some video below 25 techniques, over 3 hours of media from Kyra, Royce, Rigan, Marcio, Tinguinha and Alvaro plus a clinic session on the should.

It’s an issue you can’t miss: Buy it here – www.BJJLegends.com/store


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