Daily Rickson Interview Series 16 of 24: JJGF Executive team Carlos Gama and Tony Pacenski

Today in the our Rickson Interview Series: How did you choose your executive team Carlos Gama and Tony Pacenski?


BJJ Legends: Overlooking all of this is your executive team. Tony is here with us today. You are fortunately here with us today. Carlos Gama. I haven’t seen him, haven’t met him yet. How did you go about selecting your executive team?

Rickson Gracie:  Our culture is very simple. First, I don’t believe in coincidences. People get attracted by the motion of the positive motion. So the way we met, me and Tony, was a very magical way. When we met, we felt like we have a lot in common, based on his desire to accomplish something, based on my possibilities and my vision.

So immediately got a very important synergy, but the whole idea for our culture here is to provide service and also to give us the feeling where our motivation is based on the result. That means I expect nothing less than steady growth. If the growth doesn’t happen, something’s wrong. So let’s fix what’s wrong.

If the wrong is on the executive, he has to go. If the wrong is on the platform, we have to rearrange. So the idea here is production, is results. So I’m not here trying to bring my friends and cousins to work with me. That’s not about hanging jobs. It’s not about facilitating things. It’s about to be in a highest level of service.

So I expect nothing less than everybody to ask for the Federation and make a question. I expect nothing less than he be heard and answered. So that is very easy because, for me, it’s strictly business. We are in the business to provide service, and our mission is to restore effective.

So whoever is embracing that cause will be welcome, will be part of the force. Whoever wants to have private intentions or personal endeavors, that’s not going to fit in our culture.

Tomorrow: Rickson tells us about the Master’s Council and Development Council and what’s the difference between the two?

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