5 Exercises That No BJJ Competitor Should Be Without

5 Exercises That No BJJ Competitor Should Be Without

Training a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor is no easy task.  You need to make sure that while you are increasing their strength, you are also working on their conditioning, mobility, flexibility, and explosiveness.

Here are 5 exercises that every BJJ World Champion should include in their programming:

USB Rotational Lunge

1.    USB Rotational Lunge
Lunging is a great way to develop flexibility in the hip while increasing strength and mobility at the same time.  What makes the Rotational Lunge so special is that the load is offset, so as you are moving in one plane of motion, the Ultimate Sandbag is moving in another phase.  


USB Front Squat

2.    USB Front Loaded Squat
The USB Front Squat gives us all the benefits of squatting and forces us to work our core in a way that we have never before.  Due to where the bag is lying on your arms, this allows you to pull your shoulders down and back and also puts you in a standing plank position.

USB Power Clean

3.    USB Power Clean
USB Power Clean is the one stop shop for anyone looking for strength, power, explosiveness, or conditioning.  By using the Ultimate Sandbag, over the traditional barbell, you can decrease the learning curve because you eliminate the fear of the bar.  

USB Shouldering

4.    USB Shouldering
Shouldering with the Ultimate Sandbag is an exercise that requires you to use your lower back, hips, hamstrings, forearms, biceps, upper back, shoulders, pectorals, calves, and quads.  Shouldering is a combination of the deadlift and the power clean, but requires MUCH less weight.  

USB Shoveling

5.    USB Shoveling
Shoveling will teach you how to produce force and how to absorb force.  Your hips and oblique’s will get the workout of their lives.  This is something that can be used as an exercise in your metabolic workout or used to increase strength.

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