Endurance Training For BJJ

First of all, lets talk about what typically is described as endurance training for BJJ athletes:

1.    Running
2.    Running some more
3.    Running even more

This is definitely an appropriate approach if our athletes are going to compete in a cross-country event, but that is not what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors have signed up for.  BJJ competitors are expected to be powerful and explosive at the same time; running is just not going to prepare them for that.  

Now if I told you that I have a way to train that requires you to never run again…Would that interest you?  No.  Liar!!!  I have never met a person, besides a runner, that has told me that they love to run.  If your answer is yes, thank you for being honest and lets get to work.

A method that I find beneficial for BJJ competitors is called complexes.  After studying from some of the top fitness professionals in the industry, like Alywn Cosgrove and Robert Dos Remedious, I have come with this definition for complexes:

Complexes are performing two or more exercises in a sequence with the same load.  You complete all of the reps from the first chosen movement and than head to the next one.  

Here is a sample of a complex done with Josh Henkin’s Ultimate Sandbag:

USB BJJ Complex:
1.    Rotational Lunge-6 reps each side
2.    Clean-6 reps
3.    Rotational High Pull-6 reps
4.    Good Morning-6 reps
5.    Rotational Overhead Presses-6 reps each side
6.    Front Loaded Squat-6 reps

Now take 2 minutes off and repeat for 3-4 times.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE DIFFICULTY OF THIS COMPLEX.  This will be a true test of your fitness and will force you to dig down deep and really push your training sessions. Don’t just take my word on it…give it a try during your next workout.


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