Scoring A Sweet Electric Chair Sweep & Submission!

The beautiful thing about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that there is so many ways you can go about ending a match with a submission.  There are so many options that it can make your head spin just thinking about it!  Armbars, guillotine, kimura, heel hook, omoplata, rear naked choke, toe hold…well, you get the point; there’s a lot!

That’s why when I see something that looks difficult—and pretty cool—I HAVE to learn it ASAP!  Luckily enough, I was searching through YouTube and found an awesome technique from the good folks over at Submissions101.

In this particular setup, they breakdown a pretty slick electric chair sweep transition into a submission.  The degree of difficulty is ramped up a little bit for this move, but it isn’t impossible to pull off.  In fact, once you break down the subtle steps, it can be a nice new addition to anyone’s arsenal of submissions!




Setting Up And Securing The Submission Victory


We’re going to jump right into the breakdown of this move, because I absolutely love it!  In the scenario, our opponent is in top position, and may or may not have the upper hand at the given moment.  However, before they know it, they’ll be tapping out and admitting defeat.

  • As our opponent gains top position, we want to establish a lockdown on their leg as quickly as we possibly can.
  • After doing so, we want to then push up with our hips and arms, while rocking our hips backwards.  Doing this in unison will send our opponent over our head, and hopefully placing their hands on the mat.
  • From here, bring your left arm across your body, and place it in your opponent’s right armpit.  Next, you’ll want to push towards the opposite direction, causing our opponent to be thrown off balance.
  • Slightly moving our hips out, we next want to hook their leg while posting on our elbow.
  • Clasping our hands together, the focus is to hug the leg of our opponent tightly to our chest.
  • Lastly, you’ll want to extend your legs outwards which will cause pressure on the inner groin, forcing the submission victory.

And just like that, you scored a big win in a super-cool way! If you want to check out more cool submissions check out my submissions 101 article here on

Passing To Side Control From The Sweep

When going for this move, you don’t always have to score the submission victory.  If you want to, you can very easily pass into side control.

  • After we have isolated the leg, you can ditch the submission all together.
  • Still holding his leg, drive it upwards towards your opponent.
  • From here, ditch the lockdown on the opposite leg.
  • Next, simply pass right into side control.

This setup is fantastic for many obvious reasons.  It gives you total control of the match, and also the power to finish it as you see fit.  The electric chair sweep is a wonderful technique to have, and I urge you all to give this a shot! If you’re interested in learning more sweeps from the half guard GracieMag has some awesome videos on their site!

Dan Faggella

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