Breaking Down the Grappler’s Manifesto

Breaking Down the Grappler’s Manifesto

The Grappler’s Manifesto is a 347 page treatise on nogi grappling for MMA written by Lance Freimuth with the help of some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts.  The book is intended for fighters and includes techniques from luminaries such as: Big Nog, Dave Camarillo, Jon Fitch, Forrest Griffin, Greg Jackson, Randy Couture and Neil Melanson.  The book is divided into 10 sections covering the major positions from the top and the bottom.  The book is also unique because it gives a sample gameplan based on the fighter’s strength: striker, wrestler, jiu-jitsu or generalist.  The pictures look great, the explanations of the techniques are in sufficient detail, and you’ve find a wide range of techniques covered.


For a more detailed review of the book check out Fight Nerds review here.  The book is broken down into 4 separate maps which can all be downloaded as PDFs at the bottom of this article.  Each map will take you thru a specific chapter(s) of the book and provides the page number of the technique listed.

The 1st map covers the Guard from both the top and bottom:
grapplers manifesto part 1 - guard

The next section covers your options from the Butterfly and Half-Guard:
grapplers manifesto part 2 - butterfly and half-guard

Part 3 is specific to the Turtle, Sprawl and Crossbody positons:

grapplers manifesto part 3 - turtle sprawl and crossbody

Finally, the Mount and Back are covered:
grapplers manifesto part 4 - mount  back


Wrapping It Up:
The cheapest place that I’ve found The Grappler’s Manifesto is Amazon and it’s usually marked down, the time as of this writing is $23.33.  As Victory Belt book we know that the pictures are going to look great and the techniques covered are clearly illustrated.  Something that sets this book apart from other grappling texts is that it includes striking techniques and also basic gameplans based on your strengths.  If you’re a dedicated grappler this is interesting nogi material but probably isn’t an essential part of your library.

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