Gear Review: X-Guard Customized Rashguard

Gear Review: X-Guard Customized Rashguard


Over the last year X-Guard Brand has made a name for itself by producing high-quality gis at affordable prices (<$140 with shipping included).  Something that doesn’t get as much attention is their offering of customized rashguards.  X-Guard sublimates all of there own rashguards in house and were kind enough to send me one of their “Save 2nd Base” breast cancer awareness rashguards early last month.  I liked the rashguard so much that I purchased another one shortly thereafter with my school logos on it.  X-guard’s customized gear includes rashguards, board shorts and patches. 

Per X-Guard Brand:

“At X-Guard Brand Fight Wear, we believe that fashion, quality, and performance go hand-in-hand. Our premium jiu jitsu kimonos, IBJJF approved rash guards, and fight shorts have been mat tested and are cage approved. We listen to our customers, read reviews, and participate in the sport which helps us continually push our Jiu-Jitsu / MMA fight wear to the next level.”


Technical Specs/Construction/Design:
All of X-guards custom rashguards are IBJJF approved for use as rank rashguards in sanctioned tournaments.  The material of the rashguard is designed to protect the skin, wick away moisture and provide the protective benefits of other rashguards.  The rashguard is made of a polyester and lycra blend and has a feel very much time Tatami’s Flex Rashguard.   The seams are heavily reinforced throughout the rashguard.

The graphics and design of the rashguard is completely up to you.  The only limits are that it must be non-copyrighted material and that the area must fit within a 7” x 10” rectangle.  The sublimation process is guaranteed to give you graphics that will never peel, crack or fade.  They are also able to use more than one design so that you have patches on the front, back and even the sleeves.  Each additional sublimated image is an additional $5.  Here and here are a few more examples of their custom products.

x guard custom rashguard bottom seam               x guard custom rashguard arm sleeve interior

Test Run:
These rashguards have become my go to pieces of equipment.  They fit me very well, with adequate length in the arms and the torso.  The stitching has held up well and there are no frays, loose ends or other apparent defects.  It’s lightweight enough to be worn with or without the gi and performed equally well in both cases.  The graphics look just as good now as they did when the shirt was first shipped out.  The sublimation process bonds the graphics to the material of the rashguard and will not crack or change appearance over time.

x guard custom rashguard breast cancer

Special Consideration:
Who doesn’t want to design their own rashguard?  Repping your school (and sponsors if you’re lucky enough to have them) is a huge part of competing in BJJ.  X-guard offers excellent service, does the sublimating in-house and gives you a lot of options for designing your own rashie.  And to give you an idea of the turn time on these.  I ordered the custom rashguard guard on Monday afternoon and it was at my door the following Monday. One quick note on the sublimation process and some colors may look lighter than in the original design.

x guard custom rashguard ezra lenon front               x guard custom rashguard ezra lenon back

Wrap Up:
X-Guards rashguards are less than $40 and can be purchased directly from them here.  A quick look at online retailers will quickly illustrate that not only is this a really good price for a rashguard but the best price that I’ve found for a customized rashguard that is also IBJJF approved.  If you’re in the market for a new rashguard for tournaments, training or to just rep your school and sponsors at weddings be sure to give the guys at X-Guard a look.  They offer not only a good product at a good price but also provide excellent service.  Elmer and Neil at X-Guard contacted me directly with questions and also gave me some excellent suggestions so that I would be completely satisfied with my rashguard.  Be sure to check them out at their Facebook, Twitter and their website for periodic sales and giveaways.

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