Review/Mindmap: Modern Jiu Jitsu the Mount by Caio Terra

Review/Mindmap: Modern Jiu Jitsu the Mount by Caio Terra

Modern Jiu Jitsu, as my DVD illustrates, isn’t new jiu jitsu just a better way to do the things we have always been doing. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we are using better application of technique to make the wheel better.”  Caio Terra

In part two of our series exploring and charting Caio Terra’s Modern Jiu Jitsu series we will be focusing on his instruction regarding the Mount position.  This section is available as an App directly from ITunes for all your Apple devices.  This information is also contained in the first half of the 2nd DVD in the Modern Jiu Jitsu set.  If you haven’t already seen it please take a few minutes to check out our review and breakdown of the first two Apps in the series that cover the Closed Guard.


I won’t go into too much detail on the quality of instruction (excellent), the audience (white/blue belts) or production value (excellent) because that has been covered in our previous review and here and here.  So, straight to the meat of it…

This App is just over 50 minutes long, has 12 chapters covering the offensive side of the mount position, and 11 chapters covering what to do when you’re on the bottom.  On the offensive side of things Caio’s focus is on 4 submissions, the keylock, armbar, collar choke and triangle, and how to set-up and transition between these positions to control and submit your opponent.  The defensive portion of the App demonstrates 6 high percentage escapes from the mount as well as how to properly defend the keylock.  There are also a few chapters that include discussion of the details for the mount from the top and bottom as well as the triangle.  These details are immediately helpful and well explained.  Below you’ll find the flowchart that can be used as a study guide in conjunction with the App/DVD.

Modern JJ the Mount

Wrap Up

I’m a little upset with Mobile Blackbelt.  Their release of Caio’s set and also the new Gracie Barra Fundamentals 2.0 set (reviews and mindmaps are coming soon) were enough to push me over to the dark side and purchase an IPad.  My wife was not amused and my kids were ecstatic, so I’ll call it a win overall.  The Mount DVD/App can be purchased for $14.99 and is a great addition to the video libary of any white/blue belt.  For those of higher ranks you may find benefit to how the techniques are broken down and use that in your own efforts to teach them to others.

You can download PDFs of these maps and the ones from the Closed Guard DVD/Apps using the link below the tags.

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