Flowchart/Mindmap: How To Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents by Emily Kwok

Flowchart/Mindmap: How To Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents by Emily Kwok

Emily Kwok’s How to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents was the first DVD series to focus specifically on what it takes for smaller jiu-jiteiros to not only survive but also to defeat opponents that are physically stronger and bigger than they are.  For more on Mrs. Kwok I’d encourage you to check out her school’s website.  Briefly, she is Canada’s first female BJJ black belt, a world champion (Mundials 2007), and has competed successfully at the highest levels (2nd place at American Nationals, and 3rd place at the Pan Ams).  The mindmaps/flowcharts are meant to be used as a study reference and in conjunction with the DVDs, as well as personal instruction.  The full set includes five DVDs but the maps are going to specific to DVD 2: Compensating for Strength, and DVD 3: Top Five Moves.


For more information on the set I’d highly recommend Liam Wandi’s review at the Part-Time Grappler.  I’m going to be focusing on the 2nd and 3rd DVDs of the set.  These are the meat of the instruction and really showcase Emily’s techniques and ability as a teacher.  “Compensating for Strength” is 2 hours and 24 minutes long.  Within the DVD you’ll find 35 chapters that focus on escapes, sweeps and passes with the butterfly guard and single leg x-guard being shown prominently.

Emily Kwok Sweeps


Emily Kwok Passes Escapes 

The 3rd DVD – Top Five Moves, is 1 hours and 15 minutes long and contains 22 chapters.  Emily shows her Top 5 submissions, guard sweeps and transitions/escapes.  Each section is prefaced with a short chapter explaining the general concepts that Emily is using and then goes into the techniques themselves.

Emily Kwok Favorite SubmissionsEmily Kwok Favorite Escapes Sweeps Transitions

Wrap Up:
This DVD set is excellent, especially if you don’t have any DVDs focusing on the butterfly guard or x-guard.  The material is taught very clearly, the quality of the video is excellent and Stephen provides a great counter point to Emily by asking questions about the techniques as they are taught.  For those that teach these DVDs also do a great job showing details, demonstrating Emily’s mindset and her teaching method.





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