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Many have stated that it is one’ s journey through the world of martial arts that gave them the opportunity to help and influence other people they come in contact with. For American Judoka Justin Flores, his time in the sports has allowed him not only to achieve many goals through his career but also make great contributions behind the scenes.

Born in San Diego, California Justin Flores is a well established judoka (judo player) that is known worldwide. Starting his career at the age of 8 years old with the encouragement of his father, he became deeply involved in athletics while growing up, one sport being Judo. From the time he was an adolescent to his teen years, Justin went on to obtain many national and international titles in Judo. Upon entering high school, taking time off from Judo, he took up wrestling where, due to his judo background, made an easy transition. He went on to become one of the best wrestlers in the nation (ranked # 3 overall) and capturing many wrestling titles along the way. This talent eventually caught the eye of  coaches in Nebraska were he got a full ride and continued his successful run  ultimately departing from the world of wrestling to focus back on his Judo endeavors.


[social][/social]Upon returning to Judo he achieved even greater highest. He became a world team member, trained with some of the best grapplers in world, competed in over 30 countries, and has had the distinct honor of becoming an alternate in the 2004 Olympics in Judo.

Aside from his accomplishments, Justin has made a great contribution to the martial arts community by helping out many practitioners with their growth with his one on one instruction and seminars. He has also made contributions outside of training. With a deep passion for illustrations and art he went on to create his own graphic design company called J-FLO Productions that has assist with designing products for well known companies like Gracie and Fuji Sports. Some of Justin’s work can be seen and worn by many practitioners across the globe. Some of his most well known products include his work on Fuji Rash Guards, Fuji shorts, and even the new Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Gi’s worn by grappling greats like Rafael Mendes and Rubens “Cobrinah” Charles.

“Fuji Sports is widely known as one of the leading brands in the BJJ community and I am humbled to be able to work closely with this brand to help bring a brand identity that will elevate Fuji Sports into the MMA world.” 

[bjj][/bjj]Now living in Philadelphia, PA with his extensive judo and wrestling background along with his widespread knowledge of groundwork to adapt to MMA and BJJ he now teaches out of the GrindHouse MMA academy where he continues his charity to the community while staying true to the spirit of his Judo roots.

“My judo career has allowed me to meet, influence, teach, and learn from some of the biggest names in the world of MMA and Judo.  I have always tried to stay within the principles of Judo, things like being humble, respectful, disciplined, and focused.  In my interaction with others in the MMA and Judo community, I have stressed these principles and hope that I am able to pass them on to others.”



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  1. Linda Mejie

    We are so proud of you. We love you and your heart and spirit. May God use you to influence other toward Himself…toward Peace…toward mankind. That’s what made our Adam love you like a brother and respected your passion, skills, and heart. Dan and Linda Mejia, Adam’s mom and dad.

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