Grappler Spotlight: Kyle Cranmer

Grappler Spotlight: Kyle Cranmer

BJJ Legends Grappler Spotlight: Kyle Cranmer

The history of Brazilian jiu-jitsu has shown indefinite growth since its rising popularity in 1994. Since its emergence many figures have greatly aided and influenced the community that has helped elevated the sport to what it is today. OCBJJ brown belt Kyle Cranmer is practitioner that fully understands this logic. Although a very successful competitor this individual’s aspirations go beyond the medal chasing philosophy as he strives to make a positive difference in the grappling community.

Coming from a long bloodline of wrestling athletes it only seemed fitting for Kyle to carry on the family tradition. With his father coaching him through the process Cranmer would be instilled with strong and helpful tips that guided him to a successful wrestling career in high school to his unfortunate end in college courtesy of a severe knee injury.

“Growing up on the mats gave me a mental toughness that has carried me through a lot of tough spots in both athletics and in life.  I was also very lucky to come from a supportive family that pushed me and taught me that keys to success were perseverance, working harder than everyone else, and being the first one to arrive and the last to leave.


[social][/social]After fully completing his college education finding himself physically inactive, out of shape at 265 pounds, and missing the mats Cranmer craved desperately for a change in his life. Putting his thoughts into actions he would acquire his needs in early 2008. Diving back into the athletic trail he would embark on a new beginning training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Ocean County BJJ under Tom Deblass.

Consumed with his new found hobby his participation in the sport has done huge wonders in Cranmer’s life. In the athletic sector his involvement has re-opened the door renewing his love for competition. Training rigorously at his academy numerous times during the week Kyle’s dedication has led him to great success wining countless grappling tournaments and although he has encountered some slight bumps along the pathway the New Jersey native has overcame each obstacle showing clearly that nothing will stop him from achieving his goals.

[bjjad][/bjjad]“I feel like everyone is faced with hurdles.  God gives us hurdles, as well as the tools we need to overcome these difficulties,” he said .  My biggest difficulties on the mats have really been getting bit by the injury bugs on numerous occasions.  As a competitor this was pretty difficult on me.  I overcame these the only way I know how, by staying on the mats as much as possible and working through the injuries.” 

From a personal perspective jiu-jitsu has rewarded Cranmer with many other blessings that far exceed the medal objects he gained in competition. From his extraordinary weight loss of 70 pounds to meeting his girlfriend to building self-confidence his involvement without question has given him the tools that have not only molded him to becoming a better person but also serve an inspiration to others.

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“I honestly believe that finding Jiu-Jitsu and the 2nd family at OCBJJ has changed my life in every aspect for the positive,” Cranmer proclaimed.  I can’t imagine my life without my teammates and coach.  My training partners and my coach are my best friends, we hang out a lot off the mats and unwind, but on the mats we grind.  Not only has BJJ given me an outlet to compete again, but it has also provided me with a chance to help other people better their lives and that’s what I love most about Jiu-Jitsu.”

Further making the best of his experience like so many great BJJ athletes done before him Kyle Cranmer has also made the transition to Mixed Martial Arts. Starting his initial acts assisting his instructor Tom Deblass for his fights and also as a supplemental option to increase his grappling skills, Kyle would eventually catch a case of the MMA love bug. Still at the beginning stages Kyle hopes to test the boundaries and push himself to also reaching the highest level in his journey as a fighter.

“Fighting is something that I find to be really intriguing now and am looking forward to testing myself. I feel that I have the abilities to do very well in MMA and I train with the best team in the world hands down so I’m confident that when I do represent my school, my teachers, and my teammates I will be completely prepared to do so. “

Always aiming for the stars there is no such thing as second best in Kyle Cranmer’s book. With aspirations of becoming a world BJJ black belt and MMA champion fresh in his mind Cranmer is determined to accomplish these great feats. Outside of competition Kyle’s also aims to make a difference in other people’s lives with the opening of his own academy. From his current role as an instructor at OCBJJ the feeling of uplifting his students gives the brown belt a stronger incentive for continuing to build his academy and his own legacy toward making a positive change in the community.

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I love competing, but I also understand there is a small window of time in which I will be able to do it at a high level.  Gold medals, title belts, and all the accolades are great things but at the end of the day they are just physical things that will eventually fade away.  Like my instructor told me, “my legacy in this sport is to reach and touch as many lives as possible, to spread the sport and ensure that my students surpass anything it is that I do.”

Doubts and Uncertainty always has a way of entering an individual’s mind as an athlete. Through his already remarkable journey in the sport Kyle Cranmer has learned many essential lessons through having his mind, heart, and soul on many different occasion. However understanding the grind and sacrifice that comes with the territory this individual’s competitive spirit will guide him through the storm toward reaching the top of the mountain.

Jiu-Jitsu is an amazing thing because there is no way to fake it.  No amount of smooth talk or false bravado a person has, the truth eventually finds its way out on the mats.  That’s what this experience has taught me a lot about myself, about my character, about what I’m willing to endure, how hard I can push myself.

Kyle Cranmer’s wants to thank the following people:I’d really like to take a moment to thank a few people.  Any success that I have in my life goes first to God.  I also want give a special thank you to my instructor, mentor and great friend Tom DeBlass, without his knowledge, guidance, and training I can say for sure that I wouldn’t be in this position today, my family and girlfriend for dealing with me and supporting me after rough training sessions or when I’m sore, or cranky from cutting weight, all my teammates and training partners at OCBJJ for always beating me up and never taking it easy on me, forcing me to continue to evolve as a martial artist on a daily basis.  Lastly, I’d like to thank Monta Wiley for giving me this opportunity and amazing honor.“

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