BJJ Globe Trotter

BJJ Globe Trotter

[social][/social]Are you as addicted to the travel blog BJJ Globetrotter as I am? I am living vicariously through Christian Graugart posts and photos. What could be better than backpacking and BJJ? Christian is a BJJ brown belt from Copenhagen, Denmark, backpacking around the globe to train and compete in various arts of grappling.  Read More >>

He’s already visited Paris France, Montpellier France, Bucharest Romania, Cahul Moldova, Chisinau Moldova, Tiraspol Transnistria, Ankara Turkey, Farmagusta Cyprus, Istanbul Turkey, Mumbai India, Nashik India, Perhentian Kecil Malaysia, Kuching Borneo Malaysia, Singapore, Bali Indonesia, Manila Philippines, Boracay Philippines, Taipei Taiwan, Taitung Taiwan, Tokyo Japan, Honolulu HI USA, Kokohaku HI USA, New York NY USA, Washington DC USA, Richmond¬† VA USA, Orlando FL USA, British Virgin Islands ZTC, San Juan Puerto Rico, Cabarete [google][/google]Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, and Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica.

I’ll be at the Worlds in SoCal in two weeks. If you haven’t read his blog yet you should or even better subscribe to his RSS.


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