Interview with Dan Miller

Interview with Dan Miller

Dan Rod, caught up with Dan Miller prior to his fight last week.

Dan was training at the AMA Fight Club in New Jersey.  The website for the club is: – It is the home for the Miller brothers – Jim and Dan, Rafaello “Tractor” Oliveira, Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman amongst others. The club embraces the New Jersey culture and it is nicely located in a strip mall, next door to a Diner (not easy to cut weight with the smell of bacon in the backdoor though) in the Northern part of the state.


20100523_DSC0269DM: I have been doing the usual, training here are AMA, just trying to get better, basically. I am trying to improve everywhere – my striking, my wrestling, my Jiu Jitsu. Taking a lot of technique classes and trying to get my cardio up.

DR: You are coming from a couple of losses, this is a very important fight for you, a high profile fight – How have you been keeping your nerves down – how do you mellow out?

DM: You know what, this is my job. I learned a while ago that isn’t the most important thing, but I got to go in there and I have to win to provide for my family, so, you know what, I’m just gonna go in there and have fun and try to get the win.

DR: I also know you are a big hunter. How does that hunting feeling affect you and how does that mentality take you when you walk into the ring?

20100523_DSC0543DM: I don’t know if I would compare it. I compare this a lot with my wrestling when I was wrestling back in high school. I go in and it’s competition, it’s fun for me. It’s not that serious. I like fighting, that is why I am fighting. It’s just fun.

DR: So you go there and it’s pretty much a playground. You are happy no matter what’s the outcome.

DM: Definitely. If it’s too serious, it gets old fast. I just go out there and have fun and enjoy my job!

DR: Awesome man – great point of view. Thank you.

DM: Thank you very much.


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