World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Athletes List 2012

Recently released, the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Athletes List has been released.

The match ups should be interesting.  The list of jiu-jitsu competitors contains notable Black Belts such as:

– Megaton Dias

– Felipe Costa

– Cobrinha, Rubens Charles

– Lucas Lepri

– JT Torres

– Luca Leite

– Clark Gracie

– Kron Gracie

– Rômulo Barral

– Xande Ribeiro

– Leticia Ribeiro

– Kyra Gracie

– Penny Thomas

Get the complete list here at the IBJJF Website.


[social][/social][bjjad][/bjjad]SPECTATOR TICKET:

Thursday and Friday: $12
Saturday and Sunday: $15

Athletes affiliation and Academy registration deadline: 10/May/2012

All brown and black belt athletes must be properly affiliated for the current year.
All academies must be registered in order for its students to register in the competition.

All the documentation must be sent properly filled and signed as instructed on the e-mail received when soliciting your affiliation online. Brown and Black belts with pending and/or incorrect documentation won’t be able to register for the tournament, as they need to have their request approved first. 

For information about how to become a member or renew your membership please access:
For more information on how to register your academy please access:


During the World 2012 it is mandatory for all the athletes registered in the black belt adult division to have 2 kimonos (one white and one blue) ready to use during the event.


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