Working Out Can Enhance Your BJJ Skills


By focusing on improving both on and off the mat, you can guarantee improvement in your grappling game.  By having the proper training approach and understanding the benefits of specific workouts and how they benefit your game, the process at which you’ll grow will be astounding.


Exercising With A Focus On Your Grappling Game


As someone who has the pleasure of being able to travel the country to and experience various views on the game of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I value various insights and takes on the overall game be it on the mat or the training grapplers put in so that they can become more rounded.


All too frequently I hear about grapplers who lift weights in order to bulk up and become a dominant grappler.  While this isn’t the worst, it certainly isn’t the ideal approach you can take so that you can become a better grappler.


By having a workout plan that is catered towards what you do on the mat, you are not only becoming a better physical grappler, but you are also adding dimensions to your game by strengthening sport specific body parts, that translate directly to grappling!


You can bench press all you want—I don’t knock those who treat weightlifting seriously—but if you’re looking for workouts that will improve your grappling ability while becoming a better athlete, then how can you go wrong?


By simply searching the internet, you can find a goldmine of workout plans that will translate directly your craft, and thus killing two birds with one stone!


More Than Physical: The Other Benefits of Working Out


When you figure out a good workout schedule, you are doing more than just than what the physical benefits offer you.  By committing to something that is meant to improve the big picture, you are developing something much deeper than how many pushups or squats you can do; you’re developing discipline.


It happens to every athlete out there; certain days will come and go where you want nothing to do with your planned workout, so you can either brush it off and rest or go after it!  By choosing to grind through it, you’re showing yourself just how dedicated you really are to what you do and how serious you are about developing your craft.


Over time, this will become regular and you will develop an edge knowing that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get better.  The payoff will be great, because it won’t take long till your focus shows on the mat, and all of those extra hours—which add up over time—shine through as you start to defeat opponents rather easily.


Years ago when I began training almost daily, my body ached and sleep was lost due to my body being ragged, but a friend of mine—who wrestled in High School—sent me a text that resonated with me and pushed me through each and every session.  The text was simple and read “keep your head and down and put your nose to the grind stone.”


You’ll always have to do things you have no interest in doing—such is life—but if you’re willing to grind through it, the payoff is worth it. If you think you could even grind a little harder check out Funk’s full training videos here. 


Dan Faggella

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