Video 1 of the “BJJ Giant Killer” FREE Video Series is Released!

First and foremost, I wanted to give a big thank-you to Kris (head honcho of awesomeness at BJJLegends) for featuring the review of my recent Amazon #1 Bestseller, “BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents.” Since that feature and a few others at places like / / Etc…, there’s been a TON of buzz around this topic, and I decided to take it FURTHER than the book, and create a Free Video Series to teach these concepts.

So without further ado, lets talk about VIDEO 1 of this 3-video series, and this one is all about Submitting Bigger, Stronger Opponents. 


The first video of the Giant Killer series essentially covers what I consider to be the #1 concept of submitting bigger opponents.

“Use as Much of You on as Little of Them” as possible.

THAT is the idea… that’s what gets the job done. So, when you think about the kind of submissions that actually work against someone much bigger and stronger, your probably don’t think about a kimura or keylock from side control, you probaby think about a rear naked choke, or a footlock.

Getting a TAP with a kimura on someone twice your size implies being able to use your arms against his arms (I recently explained this dynamic at a seminar in Maryland). An armbar is more likely because it involves your entire body around one limb. Similarly, a guillotine that attacks the neck-and-head of an opponent is much harder to hit than a guillotine that JUST attacks the neck. The more of you on the less of them, the better your odds!

How does this apply to the submissions that YOU try most frequently on bigger, stronger opponents? 

Might be time ot rethink your strategy! Check out Video 1 of 3: Giant Slayer – and let them know what you learn!

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