Study Guide/Mindmap: Modern Jiu Jitsu: Butterfly Guard, Standing Passes and Takedowns

Study Guide/Mindmap: Modern Jiu Jitsu: Butterfly Guard, Standing Passes and Takedowns

In this part of our series exploring and charting Caio Terra’s Modern Jiu Jitsu series we will be focusing on his instruction regarding the Butterfly guard, standing passes and takedowns.  These sections are available as Apps (Butterfly guard and Guard Pass/Takedowns) directly from ITunes for all your Apple devices.  This information is also contained in the 3rd DVD in the Modern Jiu Jitsu set.  If you haven’t already seen them please take a few minutes to check out our breakdowns for the Closed Guard, the Mount and Turtle/Back series.

I won’t go into too much detail on the quality of instruction (excellent), the audience (white/blue belts) or production value (excellent) because those aspects of the set have been covered in our previous reviews.  So, straight to the meat of it…


The DVD is just under an hour long and contains chapters covering the Butterfly Guard (6 from the bottom and 6 from the top), Standing passes (7 chapters) and Takedowns (10 chapters including takedown defense).  The Apps cover the same information that is in the DVD.  The techniques are taught in a logical and progressive manner.  Something that I also like a lot is that the material is divided logically and into easily digestible portions.  Several instructionals, especially the older ones, tend to throw a huge amount of information at you without providing a solid frame of reference.  Modern JJ helps to provide context and several of the chapters demonstrate what to do if your opponent defends the technique that was just covered.  The map does a very good job of illustrating this.

modern jj dvd 3

Wrap Up:
I think everyone knows where I stand with Mobile Blackbelt’s apps/DVDs, I love them and will be using them as reference for a long time to come.  They are great for any white/blue belt and others of higher belt ranks could use them as a teaching aid or syllabus.  The Butterfly Guard App is $9.99, the Guard Pass/Takedowns App is $14.99 and DVD is available as part of the set (now on sale for $129.99).  Don’t forget to check them on FB and Twitter: @mobilebjjapp.  As always you’ll find the flowchart below as a PDF for download.


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