Improve On Mat Strength With Loaded Carries

Improve On Mat Strength With Loaded Carries

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I have studied some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world, like Dan John, Mike Boyle, and Robert Dos Remedios, and although they may do some things different, one thing that they all do the same, is they believe that  “Loaded Carry(s)” is a great way to improve your strength.

Now you may ask, “How will Loaded Carry(s) help my BJJ Game?”  
Lets break down some of the benefits:
1.    Performing this exercise will demand a tremendous amount of core strength
2.    Another way to increase lean muscle because of time under tension
3.    Enhanced proprioception
4.    Great for conditioning

Now if you think that these four benefits cannot help your game, than I am sorry -I don’t know how much more I can help you.  For the rest of the BJJ community that believes that these benefits will extremely help their game, here are my top 3 “Loaded Carry” exercises utilizing the Ultimate Sandbag (USB).


[social][/social]1.    Unilateral USB Farmers Walk
This exercise not only challenges your core stability (anti-lateral flexion), but also improves grip, challenges hip stability, challenge your conditioning, and one of the most underrated exercise for increasing lean muscle.


2.    Overhead USB Walk
The first thing that I will mention is that this exercise should be done in a walking manner because of the vulnerable position that you are in.  Holding the bag overhead will help develop stability and strength in the lower back and abdominals.  


3.    USB Zercher Carries
[bjjad][/bjjad]This will give you the same benefits as the Overhead USB Walk, but will also teach the body to resist flexion of the trunk and can also be done at a faster pace because of the position of the bag.  The faster pace now makes it much more challenging on your conditioning.


All of these exercises require a lot of movement under tension.  Please seek out a fitness professional that you trust to monitor your movement because quality is better than quantity.

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