Jotunn Product Review -Assassin Kimono and No-gi Gear

Jotunn Product Review -Assassin Kimono and No-gi Gear

In the amazing race to vaunt one’s superiority on the battlefield, every athlete that has ever stepped onto the mat, has displayed a limitless supply of talent and capabilities to become a success in their profession. Creating a brand that caters to the competitive new breed jiu-jitsu fighters of today is Jotunn fight wear.

Launching in November of 2011 “Jotunn” a term that derives from Norse Mythology as a race with superhuman strength, the company strives to separate themselves from the flock by relating to one’s experience and athletic pursuits through their progressive development as a martial artist.

Based on jiu-jitsu fighters predatory but stealth like approach to finishing their opponents the first edition to the Jotunn legacy appeal released unto the market comes in the form of the Assassin Kimono.

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[social][/social]This first product launch helps set the tone which defies a new standard in style of a BJJ uniform. Although the Jotunn gi has your typical standard jacket and hi- durable pants layout with the company logo patch, its breakout feature is the uniform’s construction and fabric material. Wearing a single or double weave gi can be at times a very strenuous and not so pleasurable experience. The wear and tear, the stiffness, and not to mention those gi burns inflected on your skin can be quite irritating for any BJJ practitioner.

In contrast the Assassin Kimono is made out of 450 gram of Crystal Weave fabric which also carries a robustness life span making it a light weight fabric composition while also holding the durability of a heavier gi. For those that are not familiar with Crystal Weave material it is by far one of the most comfortable garments you can ever flaunt on the mat.

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It is almost synonymous to wearing a warm sweater on a cold winter day or being wrapped in a thick soft blanket while practicing your favorite technique. These attributes alone aids in increasing one’s training experience while allowing one to work hard comfortably.

[bjjad][/bjjad]Although the Jotunn kimono is built for handling any situation in a practice session or in competition, the tricky part that lies in the model would have to be how to take care of it when it relates to the washing details.

When it comes to washing the uniform you can follow two procedures. One choice is if you are paranoid about shrinking dilemmas fill your bath tub with cold water and hand wash the gi for two to five minutes. Another option would be to put it in the wash machine in cold water and take it out immediately after it stops {Note: do not bleach}. No matter what step you choose make sure you hang dry the kimono so it can retain its physical image and keep it well intact.

In addition to their great kimono Jotunn also offers a variety of no-gi gear for their gi-less enthusiast out there. Their rash guard and shorts products hold the distinct feature for it outstanding design layout which will attract in viewer’s eye to yearn to purchase the products. (Items sold separately)

jotunnrash jotunnshorts

With a phenomenal start to introduce their company to the grappling community the Jotunn brand looks to be creating its own lane in the martial arts product market. With a solid foundation cemented courtesy of the Assassin gi and No-gi fight wear customers can only with eagerly in anticipation for future releases this great franchise has in store for it buyers.


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Assassin Kimono- $154.99
Jotunn Rash Guard – $ 40.00
Jotunn Grappling Shorts – $ 39.99

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