BJJ Gis for the Tall and Skinny

BJJ Gis for the Tall and Skinny

Editor’s note: This is a repost of the blog Mapping my BJJ Journey by Matthew Corley. Thank you to Matthew for permission to repost. I hope this helps our lanky lean grapplers, not that they need any help. 🙂

At 6’4” and 195lb I have a real hard time finding kimonos that fit me correctly.  If they’re the right size in the body, the arms and legs are 4 inches too short.  When the arms are the right length the rest of the kimono fits like a moomoo.  We’re in a sport with weight classes and one that tends to favor those with long limbs and lean athletic builds.  So why is it so hard to find a quality gi that fits when you’re tall and lean?

This list is intended at a resource to help you find companies that made kimonos that will (hopefully) fit you better.  The methods that I’ve used are straightforward.  Using Aesopian’s gi survey as a starting point.  I looked at each company website and their sizing charts to determine if they offer kimonos to accommodate those of us that a more lanky than the average person.

I am not including reviews for any gis (other than Aesopian’s excellent survey) at this time because I haven’t used the vast majority of the gis.  I’ll be doing reviews for BJJ Legends and they will be included in subsequent posts so keep an eye out for them.  I am only including brands that specifically include sizing for the tall and skinny guy.  There are several brands that are cut to be more suitable for someone with a slim build but without actually trying a gi on I wouldn’t be able to give good information.


Brands With Long Sizes:


  1. Origin
  2. Shoyoroll
  3. Redstar
  4. Pirahna Gear
  5. Fushida
  6. Zombie Kimonos
  7. Omega Maniac
  8. Gorilla Gear
  9. Ground Control
  10. CTRL Industries
  11. De Firma
  12. Inverted Gear
  13. Ronin Gi
  14. Lucky Gi

Please let me know if you are aware of any other gi companies that offer sizing options specifically for the taller and leaner athlete so that I can keep the list current.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Gi on display at Rodrigo Medeiros Academy in San Diego, CA.

IMG 5119-001

Shaq’s Gi w Professor Alvaro Romano at Rodrigo Medeiros Academy in San Diego

IMG 5120-001

IMG 5121-001

Apparently he’s a size A4?!!


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