Gear Review: Origin Mundial Technical Backpack

Technical Traveling at Its Finest

Never afraid of testing the waters in being innovative the Origin BJJ Corporation has undoubtedly pushed the envelope when it comes to the creation of their BJJ products. Once again displaying their willingness to go outside the box their latest masterpiece  “Origin Mundial Technical Backpack” is the ultimate carrier suited for the avid BJJ player.

With a long standing longevity as a member in the BJJ community for over creator Peter Roberts has had his share of many travels around the world as a grappler. Seeking to assist his fellow BJJ players in making their trips less strenuous the Mundial Backpack covers all the essentials to assist a grappler’s expedition to their training or competition destination.

When buying the perfect travel bag three main components must be taken into account which consists of size, construction, and most importantly capabilities. The Origin backpack main functions cover these very important areas.

Although extremely large in length size which fits for a larger/taller person (I’m 5’6 -135 ponds) The Origin Backpack has the capacity of fitting all of life’s and BJJ necessities in one pack. The main compartment is one of the biggest sectors ever seen from any travel bag. After a brief experiment it was found that the Origin Mundial Technical Backpack is capable of fitting three kimonos and ton of other loose items in one space. This feature not only allows an unlimited amount of storage but also serves as the perfect plane travel item capable of beating those lousy luggage fees dished out by the airlines.

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[social][/social]Another big feature in the backpack is the extra padded cushions on the back side. A lot of times when carrying an overload amount of objects on your back one can literally feel the uncomfortable sensation of the items pressing sharply against their back. Luckily for you The Origin Bag eliminates this concern providing a comfortable voyage.

Analyzing the other compartments of the technical bag it is clear what the intent is designed for. Each segment which is outlined with a brilliant color scheme is designed to handle a primary purpose.  For instance Cell phone/MP3 pockets (located on the shoulder straps) stirs away from the time consuming trend of reaching into your pocket during a busy day to answer that important call or listening to your favorite jams.

[bjjad][/bjjad]Speaking of swift action the bag also is equipped with compartments for the I-Pad and camera. A lot of times while on the road people have such a hard time getting to their electronics for usage. Realizing the circumstance the Technical backpack deflects this matter with the pockets located on the outside of the bag which provided easy access while waiting at a terminal for your flight or pulling out your camera to record your matches.

The “Origin Mundial Technical Backpack” also tackles another issue BJJ practitioners face on a daily basis. Ever get tired of coming out of practice with a sticky and wet belt?  I know I have. Striking as unique and downright cleaver Technical Backpack’s belt pocket is made for keeping your belt dry after it is wet from practice which is built with a vented air system to speed up the drying process.

Still at the early stage with the great presentation showcased in the “Mundial Technical Backpack” Origin BJJ has without question a company ahead of its time. This backpack is perfect for relating to the needs and wants of everyday BJJ practitioners which is a hard strategy for anyone (company) to execute with accurate precision.  Pushing to continue the great success with the future release of the “Mundial Light” for everyday use it only leaves us eager to see what Origin BJJ has to offer.

Price: $88.00


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