Saulo Ribeiro Defeated by Jao Assis at GQ Canada

At the first Grappler’s Quest in Canada (London, Ontario) which was well attended, hosted a Super Fight between Jao Assis (CheckMatt) and Saulo Ribero (University of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).  Jao, off his win recently at the Grappler’s Quest tournament where he defeated Saulo’s brothter Xande and was named World’s Top Grappler at the 32 man tournament.

The two had a chess match of a roll with both working flawlessly looking for a weakness to exploit.

[social][/social]In the end, Jao was able to capture points on a takedown and then continue to defend until time. [einset][/einset]

Jao applauds his opponent as someone you need to keep your cool with and your eye on, “one blink and you lose”.  See the interview below.

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