Brazil-021 Camp, Rio De Janeiro

Dreaming about Jiu-Jitsu in Rio?

Brailizna Jiu-Jitsu Magazine BJJ Legends has the answer – Attend the Brazil 21 Camp. You will be chauffeured around Rio de Janero like a rock star. You will train, you will eat and you will live the culture.

Brazil-021 Camp will be held in Rio De Janeiro on July 24th through Aug 2nd, 2012.

Train at the main Brazil-021 Academy in Tijuca where classes will be taught by the top black belts of Brazil 021. Train with ten plus BJJ black belts and brown belts in every class.

Compete at the Rio International Jiu-Jitsu Open. Camp coincides with the Rio International Open.

Go Sightseeing. See the Christ Redemption, Sugar Loaf, and the Tijuca Rain Forest, all while staying right next to the beautiful, historic Leblon Beach.

Buy a Portuguese pocket dictionary and get your big duffle out of the garage. Lets go to Brazil!

Contact Andre Terecio for more information.
Phone: (224) 935-2063

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  1. Kristen Martin

    Very informative! I can’t wait to go!

  2. Ken kruse

    To any and all thinking of going to Brazil this is the trip to take. I took my wife and 8 year old son, my wife who does not do BJJ was well cared for and set up with an awesome local Yoga studio while my son and I trained. No egos a well respected crew of black belts and brown belts willing to help at a moments notice. We felt like family and saw so much of Rio that most tourists do not see and not just from a BJJ perspective. If I could I would go every year, truly a life changing experience. Thank you Brazil 021 , Andre Terencio, and Hannette Staack for the opportunity .
    Ken Kruse

  3. Fabian

    This was an unbelievable experience for me (2011 camp attendee)! This was a great trip for people of all ages. I was able to safely see all of Rio De Janiero with my team including places that tourists may never visit. We were exposed to a phenomenal wealth of Jiu Jitsu at the source, and I truly felt like I was welcomed as a member of the Brazil021 family. Andre, Hannette, and the rest of the Brazil021 instructors pulled out all the stops to make sure we had a world class experience in Brazil. Note that this trip is also great for families, business people, students, children etc. The accommodations and the experience will surpass your expectations.

  4. steve

    For any of jiu-jitsu trainer or practitioner would be dreaming to trip on Brazil. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is wonderful technique to add on your skillful era. So far i heard of the brazilian competition, they are really technical are competitive. by the way, Rio de jenerio is wonderful place 🙂

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