Kid Peligro Seminar and Top BJJ Tips

Kid Perligro: A man with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu career that spans nearly two decades, includes authoring or co-authoring 16 books on the art, and training and learning with legends of the sport from Grandmaster Helio Gracie and Rickson Gracie to young phenoms like Terere’ and Xande Ribeiro.

The ambassador of BJJ, who is largely responsible for spreading the word of the gentle art around the globe, recently dropped into an area of the country known more for college football than Gracie Jiu-jitsu. Serg Brazilian Jiu-jitsu / Team Roberto Traven located in Savannah, Georgia was fortunate to host Professor Kid Peligro for two seminars in August.


[social][/social][einset][/einset]This was the second visit to the Traven team in Savannah by the 3rd degree Royler Gracie black belt. Participants from as far away as Orlando, Atlanta, and Fort Rucker Alabama made the journey to the Georgia coast to learn from the accomplished teacher. Students from white belt to black belt were able to take something away from the sessions that can immediately be applicable for each students game

Peligro has an easy going yet confident approach to instructing that has a way of keeping you captivated for the entire 3 hours of instruction. Kid not only demonstrated sound technique, but also took time to explain the nuances and details that make the moves successful.

The seminar began with a guard drill for the bottom player meant for having the hips more involved in off balancing and controlling your opponent. The hands could not be used in this drill. It was clear that with proper execution the side-to-side and push-and-pull of the hips alone can reverse your opponent or put you in a greater position of attack. This exercise was an excellent way to show how important the hips are in having an active and effective guard.

The students progressed to learning easy to grasp set-ups for arm bars, chokes, and sweeps. From there the practitioners were shown ways to use sweeps to set-up chokes, chokes to set-up arm bars, and arm bars to set up sweeps. All of these combination moves were interchangeable.


The sequence used in Kid Peligro’s instruction were well thought out and easy to commit to memory. The less experienced students enjoyed learning practical techniques and combinations while the more advanced students appreciated the fine details of moves that take years to master.

[h2]Kid Perligro’s Key Jiu-Jitsu Points from the Seminar:[/h2]

[span class=”important-title-red”]“Stick to your opponent like an atomic tick”[/span]Stay as tight to your adversary as possible. When passing the guard, top mount, top half guard, top side control,when you have the back, etc. Do not just put pressure on them. Put pressure through them. Use the power of all parts of your body and let gravity assist you.[/div]

[span class=”important-title-red”]“Shake the tree and see what kind of fruit falls”[/span]The balancing act done by your opponent inside your guard while you shake them back-and-forth and side-to-side with your powerful hips tends to put your adversary in a position to bear many fruits. When trying to maintain a strong base and good posture in the guard it becomes difficult as you execute good hip movement. The top player in the guard leaves their neck and arms exposed while weakening their base and leaving sweeps and reversals wide open. [/div]

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  1. Ronnie

    Great article and two great instructors!

  2. chris

    Professor Kid Peligro is an awesome instructor his seminars are worth every penny.Keep up the good work Sergi.

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