UFC Gym Corona Facts and Photo Gallery

UFC Gym Corona Facts and Photo Gallery


The UFC Gym is located off the 91 Freeway on the McKinley st exit in Corona California.

First off its big, its really big. Its 48,000sqft. There’s a larger than life 32.5ft octagon. The Jiu-Jitsu/No-Gi mats are at least 2000sqft and the kids mats are even biger, around 3000sqft. There are 85 Cardio machines, 35 spin bikes, and 40 muay thai bags. Theres a large free weigh area. They have TRX and a Jungle Gym class were you can climb all different sorts of things. Get your cross train on with around 40 Kettlebells and tires ranging from 100 pound up to 350 pounds.



[social][/social]There is a pro shop and juice bar (The ArmBar) with hot and cold drinks, shakes and health food. Theres a lavish wating area. For us parents they offer a kids club for $3 a kid.

Membership costs vary from between  $24-$99 with lots of pacakes (Fitness / Ultimate / Youth ). Kids classes are for kids ages 3-14.

For more information contact Anthony Cavazos – General Sales Manager or visit www.ufcgym.com

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