$3000 Black Belt Open Class Replaces Kron Vs. Torr

With the unfortunate cancellation of JT Torres vs Kron Gracie due to a training injury, the Arizona Open (2/26-27) will now place the $3K in prize money up for grabs in the absolute black belt division.  An unfortunate issue for the tournament, however, the prize money is being positioned and absolute division is geared to increase the competition level and is a positive sign to see in a tournament outside of California.

“Normally, the divisions with prize money only happen in the summer, at the Arizona State Championship. But with Kron’s unfortunate injury to his knee, he won’t be able to face JT. So that fans and the fighters themselves will be rewarded, we created this absolute category with prize money in hopes of drawing world-class competitors to Arizona,” Gustavo Danta.

Sign-ups open unitll February 21. Click here to fight for the grand prize or to sign up for the other divisions at the Arizona Open.

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