Draculino Training for Strikeforce (8/21): Brazil

Check out the video of Draculino training for his Strikeforce Fight on August 21st in Brazil. Draculino has augmented his training with Frankie Edgar at Ricardo Almeida’s academy.  The two have trained well together according to Drac, “He showed me a lot of really cool techniques that I think will be really useful for my fight. I also had a great experience training with Frankie Edgar. He is an incredible athlete and he showed me a lot of things that will translate perfectly over to my fight. In addition to some great techniques we passed back and forth to each other, we also had live sparring for 3 rounds that was really awesome. Frankie and Ricardo are both great guys and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to train with talented guys like that.”

He Says:

[blockquote class=”quotes”]It is good to feel the itch again to test myself on the ring. That was something dormant there, a sleeping dragon, that is alive again. I feel the hunger and I am training hard here in Brazil, in all elements and trying to stay healthy and injury free (it is not as easy as before). Trying to train while being a full time instructor is tuff, it is good technically because you are always experimenting and evolving. But to get in physical shape, you need to push yourself and train constantly. Although it is harder to find time to train, It is very rare that I don’t train or exercise myself every day of my life. I have good expectations for this fight and I’m in it to test myself and have fun, win or lose. [/blockquote]

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