Valente Brothers & Royce Gracie

By Steve Abood On December 6, 2010 Royce Gracie joined brothers Pedro, Gui, and Joaquim Valente in Miami, Florida at Valente Brothers Headquarters for the Valente Brothers’ annual winter belt…


BJJ is the Answer

The world of mixed martial arts became abuzz the day the UFC announced the fight between boxing heavyweight champion James Toney and UFC Legend Randy Couture. The bout sparked debate…


Royce Gracie Seminar

Royce Gracie Seminar 9/27-10/1 4 Hours of Instruction Open Mat Rolling Q & A with the Master Royce Gracie Additional Activities - Kayaking, Fishing, more... $1200 - Total.  

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Royce Gracie Interview – PT 3

Part 3 of the interview by SporTV on the legendary Royce Gracie. Royce Gracie talks about steroids controversy, Matt Hughes and more. [span class="notice"]Royce Gracie was featured in BJJ Legends…


Royce Gracie Interview – PT 2

Part 2 of the interview by SporTV on the legendary Royce Gracie.  Royce talks about his fight against Sakuraba. He also comments his fight against Kimo, his loss to Yoshida and…


Royce Gracie – PT 1

An interview by SporTV on the legendary Royce Gracie.  On part 1 Royce Gracie talks about the begining of everything; the Gracie Challanges and how UFC was born. Worth a…