BJJ Drills for Those Who Want To Get Better, Faster! Guard Escape Chaining

In this video we’re going to go over some drills that deal with a butterfly guard and from there

go into a guard pass. The great thing about this drill is that they are easy to do and are also easy to

incorporate in to routine as well as working on technique that people tend to do in a real rapid match.

So when you’re on the mat with your partner lying down with his back on the mat you’re going to go in

for an over-under pass. Now while you’re going into the over-under pass your partner in to turn into you

(which in an actual match will be something that you’d want to do in your partner’s position) at which

point you’ll want to spin around to your partner’s other side.


When that happens your partner is will turn in quickly at which point you’re going to want to work your

over-under pass to their opposite side immediately, when that happens your partner is going to turn in

and then you’ll spin around so on and so forth for the duration of the drill. So the benefit of this drill is

that you and your partner are working on different techniques which also build experience in practicing

these in real time with another person and you could really apply this drill to any technique that you’d

need to work on. The idea behind these continuous drills is to create circuits, so if you wanted to work

on side controls or knee cuts you could work on these with your partner in these non-stop drills.


Achilles Lock Sequences

So this exercise is a leg lock. Leg locks are great for taking down many different types of

opponents, especially those who happen to be bigger and stronger. And the great thing about leg locks

is that not only can you incorporate these into your drills but if you only have a certain amount of time

for a workout you can spend solely on working both technique and physique.


So for this drill you’re going to want to start in a double heel lever sweep and while doing that you’re

going to life your partner’s ankle and slide your leg under their raised leg. From there you are going to

slide your hips to the back of their side at which point you’ll be wrapped around your partner’s leg

(this is known as the Achilles position).


Now with your arms you’ll want to grip tight and then grab the top of your partners shin and then pass

it over your chest with your arm under the leg. Now coming back up from the hold you’re going to

shrimp away and fill your knees up into the space between your knees again and kick

through and go for the same thing on the other side. And when time is up, you and your partner will

switch positions and go into that Achilles lock as well. With these two drill under your belt you’ll have

the foundation you need to get better faster.



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