Tatami Zero G V3 Review

Tatami Zero G V3 Review

A high quality, low cost Gi that looks equally at home on the mat or in the workplace.

Tatami is one of the front runners in the ever growing BJJ Gi Industry. It is tough in any industry to remain consistent and stay ahead of the game; however Tatami have reinforced themselves as a true leader of the Gi game with the release of the Zero G V3. The 3 stands for the 3rd model in the series and is a sturdy, lightweight IBJJF approved Gi.

A snippet from the Tatami website:

Tatami Fightwear Australia
Eat, breathe, sleep Jiu Jitsu

Tatami Fightwear was established in 2009 by Gareth and Lee to address a need for good quality BJJ equipment at affordable prices. Gareth, a brown belt in BJJ was involved in teaching children and adults in deprived areas and found it increasing difficult to find good quality equipment at prices his students could afford. That’s when Tatami Fightwear was born. Since then Tatami Fightwear have worked tirelessly to build a good brand reputation, get better quality products and support academies and shops around the world.

Let’s get to the review.


Tatami Zero G – Version 3

I will be reviewing the A3 White Gi

I am 92 kgs and 184cm tall, or 202llbs and 6’1


Jacket Details

    475 gsm Pearl Weave
    Rubberised Collar to stop moisture absorption.
    Single Piece Jacket for reinforced strength and comfort
    Tapered Fit
    White w/Light Blue Contrast Stitching and Tape

Pants Details

    11 oz ripstop cotton
    Double reinforced
    Woven Patch
    Light Blue Cotton Stitching


At first look I instantly loved the Gi with its bright white with light blue contrast instantly drawing me in. (I actually seen my coach training in one of these and decided I would buy it on looks alone) They also make a Black with Blue contrast which has equal sex appeal to its white counterpart. Upon opening the bag and feeling the Gi for the first time I was supremely surprised to feel the softness of the Gi and could not wait to put it on, so much so that my wife was embarrassed when I went to put it on to go to the supermarket.


The “tapered” fit of the Gi was extremely comfortable. This was the first Gi I bought in A3 after a bit of weight loss, I was still sceptical about how it would fit, worried that it would be a little on the tight side, however there was no issue and the Gi fit nicely with plenty of room to move. It quickly became one of my favourite GIs and was quickly patched up as my competition Gi. The weight of 1.5kgs also aids when weighing in.

Rolling in this Gi was a pleasurable experience its light weight and ability to breathe meant I didn’t find myself overheating or sweating as much as normal. The feedback from my training partners was also all positive with the softness of the Gi and collar being noted time and time again. In my opinion there is nothing worse than gripping a collar and coming to the fast realisation that there is some type of sandpaper hidden in there.


I have read a little bit about this Gi and despite the comments that people have dried it in the dryer with no shrinkage observed I still couldn’t bring myself to risk it. Being winter here in Australia means that most of my Gis I own take up to 24 hours to be completely dry so when this was dry in 4 I was pleasantly surprised. I wash all of my Gi according to the instructions on the tag and with this is states 30c wash. This Gi has come up like new after ever wash and looks exactly as it did the day I got it, I have even spilt blood on the Gi and was upset at the fact thinking my pristine white Gi was destined to have a blood stain on it but too my surprise it came out with no evidence left behind.


1.     Will not shrink on you after a wash allegedly even if put in the dryer.

2.     Bright White with Blue contrast is eye catching and classy.

3.     Priced well against the current market of lightweight Gis.

5.     Remains white and doesn’t hold contaminations of you rigorous training sessions.


1.     I am yet to find anything bad with this Gi



I have purchased a few different Tatami Gi and they have all been of the highest quality. This is the first light weight Gi I have tested out and am extremely happy with its performance. I look forward to training more in this Gi as the weather starts to heat up down under. Its Lightweight construction makes it great for the travelling practitioner as you will not take up half a suitcase and be forced to pay exuberant excess baggage fees.  I purchased this Gi from MMAFightstore.com.au and the service I received from these guys was second to none which is very rare to find in the retail industry these days. A quick review of the website 5 out of 5 and recommend anyone to them. As for the Gi I will give my first 5 Gi review to the Tatami Zero G V3. 5 Gis out of 5.

If you haven’t already got yourself a Tatami Gi why not head over to www.tatamifightwear.com to take a look at the Zero G and everything this top brand have on offer.

Thanks for reading,

The Rolling Reviewer


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  1. Coach Ryijy

    I’ve owned like 5 of these and been really happy to use. Ligthweight, durable and nice cut. I prefer the black one…

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