Add Meaning to Your Training! The David vs. Goliath Training System

Adding More Meaning & Purpose To Your Practices With The David vs. Goliath Training System

We all can hop on the mat on any given day and feel as if we have accomplished something.  However, do we really develop as much as we should over time?

It’s easy to get off track with our training and lose focus, which in turn, hurts our growth as a grappler.

By studying the David vs. Goliath training program, you’ll learn ways to improve both on the mat and off of it.

How Can I Improve Myself On The Mat?

Clearly, this is arguably the most important place you will develop yourself as a grappler in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world.  The mat is where all of your hard work goes, with all the sweat, blood and tears as well.  Without the hard work in practice, there is no shine in competition.

However, just because you show up for an hour or two each day doesn’t mean you’ll instantly see success.  Knowing how to properly utilize the mat time you are given is something that every grappler should never neglect!

With the David vs. Goliath program, there are a few ways you’ll look at the on-the-mat training:

  • You will learn to train with a specific purpose.  No longer will you hop on the mat with no clear structure and just go with the flow.  Pin-point what you want to work on—be it a strength or weakness—and work on it with great intent.
  • Are you forcing yourself to work on a weakness in practice?  Do you stay in your comfort zone or are you beginning to put yourself in tough situations on purpose?
  • Learn to practice with a purpose!
    • Am I fulfilling a purpose?
    • Take notes and keep a journal on what you have watched.
    • Now what you want to specifically work on, and find a grappler that executes that specific sequence the best!  Learning for those who have mastered the move/technique will only help your game in the long run.
    • Be sure to watch grapplers that have similar body types to you.  Watching someone that relies heavily on strength when you’re light will do you no benefit.

How Can I Improve Myself Off The Mat?

Developing yourself on the mat is vital, but as you go along in the sport, you must also put time into developing your game off of the mat as well.

Working off the mat is very open-ended and is a wide net on the surface.  However, once you have the proper approach to know to how handle it, it quickly becomes something you’ll find beneficial for your game, and will also crossover and improve how you are when you’re actually on the mat!

Something that is stressed in the David vs. Goliath program is the use of various research tools such as YouTube!  While it can be a good way to have fun and kill time, it can also be one of the best tools for your grappling progression! Just a quick search of “BJJ Techniques” and we find quility videos to aid in learning BJJ like this!

When using YouTube keep the following in mind:

Making sure you constantly progress on and off of the mat is something you must never lose sight of.  Through the David vs. Goliath training program, which you can get right here, you’ll see great strides in your preparation and execution.

Dan Faggella

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