Daily Rickson Interview Series 3 of 24: Will points be awarded for submission attempts?

Today in the our Rickson Interview Series Rickson tells us if he will award points or advantages for sub attempts.


BJJ Legends: In Budo Challenge, you set up a situation where competitors are awarded points; eight points, I believe, for attacks, near submission attempts. We saw this many years ago. There was a similar rule in there that rewarded attempts at submission. Will you look to incorporate something like that in the current rules into new rules?

Rickson: No, the idea of Budo Challenge was make something even more sensational for TV was like extreme, only for top athletes, not exactly for like the academic, not for competitions, not even visualizing amateur sport. So we highly… pushing the guys to go for submissions and let everything out. The time limits are smaller, pushing one to explosiveness, so the idea was to create a very dynamic explosive grappling action. I mean, the results are great and this 75% of the fights were finished by submissions. So we have great result at the time. But this concept for the federation is completely different. It is more like attending the vision of becoming Olympic, attending of one vision of unifying the sport and making all the great grapplers. Kind of feel like they belong to one important community which ranking them is a unified system and giving to them the possibility to grow including to a bigger medium, you know.


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