Daily Rickson Interview Series 13 of 24: The Everyman Can Find his Animal Within

Today in the our Rickson Interview Series: What does BJJ offer to someone who has never had BJJ?


BJJ Legends: I think I heard you say or somebody said, “Courage is essential for the warrior.” What do you think BJJ offers to someone who’s never had BJJ in their life before?

Rickson Gracie: I think it’s experience, experience with confrontation, experience the idea of . . . In a very recreational and a very friendly environment, he starts to experience his animal within. He has to develop. In a same group class, I can see a guy who’s lazy, and I’m going to say, “Hey, man. Don’t allow this. Go, go, go, go.” The other guys are so tense and so stressed. I say, “Hey, man. Just breathe and relax and try to find your pace.”

So regardless the elements in the class, the opinions, the advice is different from student to student because as I analyze the whole group, I can see this guy is too tense. This guy is too lazy. This guy is just not sharp enough. This guy is kind of insecure about himself. So I have to view the possibility and show him where he’s strong and he don’t know. Show the invisible power. So all those components are there to enhance their possibilities and be positive influence in their lives.

Tomorrow: Rickson talks about the JJGF Code of Ethics

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