Daily Rickson Interview Series 10 of 24: How has Jiu-Jitsu changed you?

Today in the our Rickson Interview Series: Rickson Gracie shares his profound and humble personal story of change through Jiu-Jitsu.


BJJ Legends: It’s different for everybody. Can you share with us how that transformation came over you? What was your personal experience?

Rickson Gracie: My transformation is — I mean, before I was born I was already in the DNA of Jiu-Jitsu. So for me, I was born and raised in the family. When I was kid, “Oh, you wanna be like your dad. Oh, you wanna be a fighter too.” So I was born in the family. I was born fighting, competing since six years old. But actually, the transformation became, first, I was trying to be a good fighter. And then I become a good fighter. And then I fulfilled my ego. Okay, I’m good. And then what can I do with that? And that becomes the biggest part. because I started to be a reference for people. I started to teach people to try to become like me. And this process of learning makes them feel like they’re improving. And I felt like it’s a huge positive component and feed people with what they need. And that’s my transformation maybe is from egocentric levels of trying to make it to be important in the community and then to pass that knowledge and to fulfill people and motivate people to excel. So the transformation is from an athlete to a teacher.

Tomorrow: Rickson tells us if he has struggled because he was born into a fighting Jiu-Jitsu family.

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