Ricardo Almeida: Leg Locks for BJJ Beginners

If you’re a newbie to the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then do I have the video for you!  It’s easy to go on YouTube and find videos of some of the top guys in the game and be amazed, but when you attempt the stuff that they’re able to do, it’s almost impossible to do it correctly.  Luckily there’s a video that makes some lethal leg locks easy as “one, two, three” for all of you just starting out. 

Ricard Almeida is a name that is well known in both the MMA and BJJ worlds.  A former fighter with experience in PRIDE & the UFC, Almeida also coaches reputable fighters such as Frankie Edgar.  But you’re here for BJJ, right?  Of course you are!  Ricardo is a 3rd degree black belt under Renzo Gracie; Almeida has vast experience in the grappling world having competed in the IBJFF, CBJJ and the ADCC.  Long story short; he’s been there and done that.


The Moves

  • Heel Hook:
  1. Pinch Your Knees.
  2. Roll off the NON-SUBMISSION SIDE, or as Ricardo calls it, “escape the hip.”
  3. This will force the opponent’s heel to flare up; “hug that with your elbow” and grip your hands together (palm-to-palm.)
  4. Rotate your upper body, applying pressure.  Avoid lifting with your arm, this will allow his heel to escape whereas rotating the upper-body will add pressure and keep the hold locked in.
  • Foot Lock:
  1. Lock the ankle with your arm.
  2. From here, grip your arms (“Grab a small kimura grip.”-Ricardo)
  3. Fall to the submission side hip.
  4. Lastly, begin arching your upper-body backwards, creating torque on the foot & ankle joint.
  • Toe Hold:
  1. Expose the opponents’ foot.  Make sure you hide your own foot, not allowing them to lock on a submission.
  2. Grasp hit foot and point his toes inward.
  3. With your hand on his foot, reach over and apply your kimura grip.
  4. Begin rotating your upper-body for the finish.
  • Knee Bar:
  1. Underhook the foot.
  2.  Slide your body over his leg and then off to the side.
  3. Hide your feet under the opponent so they have no chance of going for them.
  4. Hug the heel to your shoulder nice and tight.
  5. Extend the hips and apply pressure for the submission.

So there you have it!  Ricardo, aka ‘Big Dog’, does a fantastic job of showing you what to do when you find yourself going for a leg lock.  These can be tricky, no doubt, but with proper drilling and focus, they become the most lethal for of submission.

Just remember the golden rule while drilling these: GO EASY!!  These can do some serious damage if too much pressure is applied and no one wants to hurt their training partners.

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