Jotunn Samurai BJJ Kimono Review

Jotunn Samurai BJJ Kimono Review

It wasn’t that long ago when a new fightwear company burst onto the martial arts market scene placing itself in the endless superhuman race to demonstrate its strength to service the BJJ community with their products.

Soaring high off the successful release of its debut kimono The Assassin, Jotunn Fightwear’s phenomenal introduction has already established themselves as a rising standout company looking in constructing its own lane toward greatness.

Picking up where they left off from the stealth like approach they formulated with The Assassin Gi model, the second edition to the kimono series “The Samurai “ offers not only a clean look for the serious jiu-jitsu athlete but also displays Jotunn’s daring in being innovative, versatile, and different  with the creation of all its products.

Taking the gi out of the artistically designed Netted bag you will notice clearly that the Jotunn Samurai kimono goes in a totally different direction than the crystal-weave classic-like concept the Assassin gi offered customers.


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With the jacket made out of a 450 gram Pearl weave fabric and 10oz drill pants The Samurai truly carries a high standard in top quality construction. In addition the collar is made out of EVA foam which helps the prevention of bacteria from spreading while also allowing the kimono to dry quicker after washing it.

Design layout and appealing attributes are by far the biggest standout features that can draw any consumer including myself to come out of the wallet to purchase a company’s merchandise. The Jotunn Samurai without question answers this calling to attract its audience.

The Kimono is a black color model design that blends itself well with grey contrast stitching and trimming that truly brings the gi to life in terms of it presentation.  In addition adding on to this feature you must be asking yourself, what good would a kimono called The Samurai be without something to properly represent the name? Located on both shoulders on the gi top Jotunn created a unique design of katana blades and samurai helmet to bring out a stylish imagery of its samurai warrior mentality.


Training in “The Samurai” has very comfortable feel when wearing it. The gi top is superlight which assist in providing 100 % comfort and easily mobility during a training session thanks in part to the kimono jacket being made out of 450 gram Pearl Weave material.

One of the biggest issues I’m sure many practitioners have encountered with jiu-jitsu kimonos is the pants falling off their butts. Since the 10z drill pants is constructed with a 6 point loop system you won’t have to worry about stability issues when sporting these jiu-jitsu trousers.


As always with the ownership of any kimono you have to make sure you know how to take care of it especially when it comes to washing it after a long workout session at the gym. To keep your great Samurai gi intact the recommended washing procedures is to wash it in cold water with no bleach and hang dry it so it can retain its physical appearance thus keeping it well intact for more countless days of training on the mat. I noticed after following these instructions there was no shirking whatsoever after my kimono was dry.

Special Customer Offer:  If owning a great kimono wasn’t a great enough acquisition Jotunn has added a very special perk this time around. Showing its gratitude to its customers with the purchase of The Samurai gi 50 lucky buyers will get a FREE Jotunn “Student of the Art” shirt and Rank belt key chain. Now people can not only flaunt the Jotunn in them on the mat but also style it off the mat in their everyday life.
Conclusion: Undoubtedly Jotunn has raised the bar with The Samurai kimono. Great new look, comfortable to wear, and affordable what more could one ask for in such a great item.  Jotunn doesn’t seem like it is a company that is going to fade away very soon and with the release of this kimono it really showcases it seriousness for pleasing the BJJ community worldwide.
At this point all we can do now as loyal customers  is enjoy this great Samurai style kimono while like our past experience with  the Assassin gi just wait on the edge of our seats for what Jotunn has in store for us next round.

Samurai Gi price: $164.99



samurai size chart

Size Chart:
A-1 5’3″-5’7″ 135-165
A-2 5’8″-6’0″ 165-195
A-3 5’11”-6’3″ 195-225
A-4 6’2″-6’5″ 225-250
A-5 6’0″-6’6″ 250-300
A-6 6’2”-6’6” 250-300

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