Gi Review: 90 Days Later – Newaza Nation 90 Days Later

Gi Review: 90 Days Later – Newaza Nation 90 Days Later

This gi is priced right, durable, mis-matchable, giving back, customer serving and well fitting!

Newaza in their own words:

“What is NEWAZA?  NEWAZA (ne-waza, nay-wah-zuh) is the Japanese term used to describe groundwork techniques.  We are passionate about all types of grappling!

NEWAZA NATION:  Our purpose is to connect grapplers with the ultimate grappling gi, and to use this as an opportunity to generate some $$ for a non-profit organization serving our returning service members.

We have chosen to focus all our efforts on doing ONE GI!  Our philosopy is to have the gi that WE demand.  Working closely with one of the best gi manufacturers in the world, we have designed a gi that is on a whole different level.  We are truly passionate about it!  Plus, we get to donate a portion of our sales to an non-profit organization that helps combat veteran unemployment, and that’s the coolest part!


[social][/social]The kimono is made of specially produced 550 gram per square meter, medium weight 100% gold weave cotton with a traditional fabric lapel.  Quality is apparent in every stitch of these kimonos.  After the wear in period, they really develop a great fit, like an old ball glove.

The gi bottoms are equally awesome, with either 3 or 4 loops to keep the drawstring from riding up.  Double thick in front from the knees down, and with a generous gusset to maximize hip flexibility.  They shrink down just right, additional tailoring is usually not required.”

Stay tuned, and hit us up on Facebook!
-Dustin Brimhall, Owner

I’d like to add a little to Dustin’s intro.  Newaza (on FB here) makes a single style of gi, it is available in both grey and white.  When ordering you are able to mix and match the sizing of the tops & pants and half-sizes are available for A1.5 thru A4.5.  So if you want an A2.5 top with A4 pants, a quick email to Dustin and he’ll take care of it at no extra charge.  The most current size charts are here.

[bjjad][/bjjad]Back in mid-May I posted my original review of this gi.  Since then I’ve wore the gi 20 times (about 30 hours on the mat).  After each use I’ve washed the gi in cold water.  I hang-dry the pants and put the gi top in the dryer on normal heat.  As you can see from the tables below there hasn’t been much shrinkage since I bought the gi.


Kimono Top

Out of Package

30 min in Dryer

90 Days Later

A- Cuff Width




B – Sleeve Length




C – Chest Width




D- Skirt Width






Out of Package

Hang Dry

90 Days Later

A – Waist




B – Length




C- Cuff Width




D – Inseam




The stitching and fabric of the kimono have held up incredibly well.  The fabric has gotten softer and more comfortable and none of the seams have shown any signs of wear.  Below are pictures of the collar, the back, the top turned inside-out and the arm turned inside out (to better see the interior stitching).

90-days-later-collar-close-up 90-days-later-kimono-back 90-days-later-inside-out-top 90-days-later-inside-out-arm

90 days later – collar close up  90 days later – kimono back  90 days later – inside out top  90 days later – inside out arm

So far the only wear I’ve noticed is that the material of the drawstring loops has frayed some.  The seams connecting the loops to the pants are still in great shape.    Below you’ll also find pictures of the collar, the weave and the patch at the skirt.  The collar is definitely stiffer and thicker than those with a foam insert (all the other gi’s in that picture have foam insert collars).

90-days-later-pants-loops image019 image020 90-days-later-kimono-skirt-patch-closeup

90 days later – pants loopsCollar Comparison.jpg Gold and Pearl Weave Comparison.jpg90 days later – kimono skirt patch closeup

Final Thoughts:

§  $110 for a gold weave kimono that will last for years

§  Pants and Top can be different sizes and available in half-sizes (slim cuts) from A1.5 thru A4.5

§  Portion of proceeds goes directly Hire Heroes

§  Excellent customer service from Dustin

§  For someone my size (6’4” and 195lb”) the A3.5 top with A4.5 pants should fit very well.

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