Guam shows at Jiu-Jitsu Pans

February 20, 2012 Cal State Dominguez Hills Carson California

Guam is a very small island in the South Seas with a population of 170,000. Mind you, Los Angeles has a population of 9 almost 10 million and the City of Orange CA (home of BJJ Legends) 136,000. So why were there so many competitors at the 2012 Pan Kids from Guam?

I spoke with Guam’s self-appointed representative Ramon Dela Cruz. He emphasized how the BJJ life style took hold of Guam in the mid-nineties with the dawn of the UFC. He describes how the fit culture fit the Guam lifestyle. Where there once was intermittent surfing there now was year round training with nice surfing on the side. In Guam, a vacation paradise, the businesses have embraced Jiu-Jitsu and come together to support their competitors with sponsorships and publicity   Read More>>

[social][/social]Stephen Roberto, a black belt under Master Lloyd Irvin, and owner of Team Purebred/Lloyd Irvin BJJ Academy Guam brought this team of 17 competitors 6098 miles for this tournament.

The defending Pan Kids champions returned with three trophys, placing 2nd overall, 1st in the Junior division and 1st in the Teen division. Congratulations to all the kids and all the parents of kids who competed today. We cant wait to see you all again next year!

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