Braulio Estima’s Reverse Triangle Technique

Braulio Estima, winner of the ADCC absolute division can claim credit to excellent technique – especially this one.  Estima says the trick to the technique is a lot of practice and timing. 

Not that we don’t really understand that, however the best way to master any [einset][/einset]technique is mat time.  He also states that the best way to make it work well, is to not put it on right away, but allow your opponent to think they’re safe, then put it on.  Check out the video and see how ot make it work for your BJJ game.

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  1. Mr French Tickler

    really nice setup! gonna try this when i get on the mats this week, THANKS!

    i have short/thick legs, and i’m wondering if i could pull this off against someone with wide upper body?!?!?!?

  2. Couch2Cage

    Thank you for sharing this technique. Very slick.

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