2009 Mundial – Registraion Overview

Mundial, BJJ Worlds overview from ADCC News

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Registration is closed and Kid Peligro took a look at the roster and found a couple of interesting facts.  Xande, with a medical injury, (his note on why he is not attending is here) and Antonio Braga Neto are not listed. Roger Gracie and Lovator Jr are in at the super heavies

Total registration according to Peligro is 1800. That’s huge, amazing in fact. It’ll be interesting to see how the tournament is run and how long it will take.

What Kid Peligro is calling one of the toughest divisions… you can see why

Black Belt Male Medium Weight: 

Alliance Marcelo Garcia
Alliance Sergio Moraes
Alliance Atlanta Rogel Monsalve
American Top Team Edson Diniz
Atos Claudio Calasans
Atos Gustavo Campos
Barbosa JJ Tiago Alves
Bon-sai Marcos de Souza
Brasa Jonatas Nascimento
Brazilian Top Team Diego Gamonal
Carvalho-Teixeira Rodrigo Teixeira
Check Mat BJJ Alan do Nascimento
Check Mat BJJ Lucas Leite
Check Mat USA BJJ Elizandro Beda
Check Mat USA BJJ Ingmar Santos
Clube Pina Carlos Diego Ferreira
Drysdale JJ Abmar Barbosa
Frontline Nic Ruben Nikolaisen
Gracie Barra Augusto Vieira
Gracie Barra Travis Tooke
Gracie Barra America Luciano Ferreira
Gracie Barra Gyn Henryque Pofahl
Gracie Barra Westchester Jomari Guarin
Gracie Humaita Kron Gracie
Gracie Humaita Regis Lebre
Gracie Humaita USA Curtis Hill
Gracie Humaita USA Fabricio Camoes
Gracie Humaitá/Megaton Ryan Clark
Lloyd Irvin M.A. Academy Mike Fowler
Lloyd Irvin M.A. Academy Nakapan Phungephorn
Nine Nine Pedro Bessa
Paraestra Hironori Tohyama
Pedro Sauer John Carlquist
Pedro Sauer Rylan Lizares
Pittbull BJJ Roy Neeman
Purebred Takuma Tokito
Ralph Gracie Luis Fraga
Relson Gracie Steve Hordinski


More there at ADCC News



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