The Whirling Dervish Spinning Back Take You Got To See!

So the main focus of this video is the back take, and the different approaches you can take to land it

every time. Simply put the back take is a way that to get around and behind you opponent and take

their back. For example, being able to use any kind hold or awkward situation into a back take is

indispensable skill that serious fighter will want to have in any match their in.

The Turtle Position: Cracked

Now let’s look at this from the perspective your opponent in the turtle position. Even from here there

are plenty of cool set-ups you can use to initiate the back mount. Probably the most important is known

as the rolling back take. However you got you initial hook you may come across a situation where you’re

unable to work the tilt as you would have liked. What you can do while on top of your opponent in the

turtle position is hook your inner foot around their ankle and the higher you can get your foot on your

opponents leg the more effective this position can and will be.

Now for the roll, from the current  position you have your opponent in you can take them and roll them

to 45 degree angle from their back.  What you don’t want to do is roll them either forwards or

backwards because this makes it easier for your opponent to pull a reversal and that’s something you

don’t want. So now while preparing to the make that 45 degree angle roll take your right arm (the one

furthest away from your opponent) and try to wrap it around their back and capture their heel and

perform the roll. Now while rolling always try to and it on your right shoulder as to prevent any injuries

to yourself.

Now from this position you’ll notice that you’re on the bottom and observably as far from the back as

you can get. But fear not because you are exactly where you want to be. On the ground position you’ll

want to your legs (with your opponents in tow) to be pulled inward so that they are facing the other

side. Now from there it’s all a matter of kicking out with your legs and moving around, and to your

surprise you’ll have successfully have taken your opponents back.

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