3 Quick-Learn Drills Designed to Get YOU Better, Faster

You could also step this continuous exercise up by doing calisthenics while your partner is doing the drills and

switch back and forth doing drills that way. The following exercise is a pretty simple continuous drill that is used to work on escapes,

but you can also any number of drills so you can improve on any skill set you may want to improve.  For more drills check out our

MicroBJJ Youtube Page; Drills are our speciality.

Dual Continuous Underhook Escape Chain

1. You begin this drill on top of your partner in a side control. 


2. While on top your partner will try to get in with an under-hook trying to come up for a single. 


3. While your partner is in that position you’ll want to pull guard immediately your partner should 


already be in on the far side, as he’s passing you’ll want to take your free elbow and move it in 


between you while trying to cut an angle sliding out from under your partner. 


4. Once you slide out from underneath your partner you’ll want to come back up and initiate your 


own single and quickly back step around you opponent back into the starting position. 


5. And from here your partner will cut back under you and the cycle continues. 


You can do this type of drill for as long as you want but once the time runs out you’ll be spending the 


interim doing one particular type of exercise (pushups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, etc.) before going right 


back into the drill. 


Flower Sweep/Mount Escape Dual Continuous Escape Drill 


In this drill we are going to be working on both the flower sweep and the mount escape. These 


exercises are perfect for continuous drills work really well in a loop which makes them great for 


incorporating them into your drill, there are also great to work on because these are two very common 


techniques people use in Bjj.


1. You’ll begin this drill with your partner on top while you’re in a close guard. 


2. While in a close guard you’ll want to swing out to the side and wrap your legs around 


your partner’s arms at the shoulders (this is called and arm bar).  


3. While you are preforming the arm bar your partner will be going into a stack from here 


you’ll want to go under the leg and shoulder making sure that your partner s arm is 


pinned to your side. 


4. With that arm immobilized you are now in a position to wrap your other leg over and 


around your partners other shoulder. 


5. Now in this position bring your leg down to your partner’s side and then bring it up into 


a teardrop motion and that will drive you to be on top of your partner. 


6. Once you’re on top you partner will have their arms in protecting themselves at which 


point they will move into a what’s called a half shrimp that will transition into a close 


guard at which point your partner will swing into their arm bar, and they will repeat the 


same motion start will eventually lead back into you in the starting position. At which 


point you’ll continue the drill for the remainder of the timer and repeat.

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