Out with the old and in with the Bamboo?

Out with the old and in with the Bamboo?

Bamboo in its natural state is 100% eco-friendly, sustainable, grows quickly, needs very little water, is organic (requires no pesticides), and as a fabric it feels like silk.

BUT… Once bamboo is fabricated into a cloth, either mechanically or chemically, just like anything else, its properties are changed.  A study conducted by Lixia Xi et al. breaks down bamboo in various states thus testing various antimicrobial claims floating around about the chemically treated item vs. the plant.

“Compared with natural cotton fibers, natural bamboo fiber has no natural antibacterial ability.  Regenerated bamboo fiber has an inhibitory effect on bacteria growth but has no effect on fungi.  Bacterial growth on bamboo in different physical states have no impact on microbial resistance of natural bamboo fiber.”

There are many myths floating around about bamboo being green, eco-friendly, etc, etc.  I suggest anytime you hear about something that goes through a chemical process being eco-friendly and green, you do your research. When something sounds a little strange, it probably is.  If you want learn the truth about bamboo please go to:


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