Gi Review: Ground Game Titan (A2)

Gi Review: Ground Game Titan (A2)

Founded in summer 2010, Poland-based Ground Game Fightwear makes a line of Brazilian jiu-jitsu/grappling/MMA martial arts gear and apparel including gis, shorts, rashguards, belts, and gloves. In their own words:

“Our products are extensively tested to the highest standard with the help from our sponsored fighters. Designs are made by people who, like us, are passionate about martial arts.

We train, compete and are a part of the martial arts community and that is the reason why we value the relationship with our customers so much. We deliver products that we ourselves wear with pride everyday.”

The Titan Energy gi is one of Ground Game’s newest offerings and they were kind enough to send one to BJJ Legends for our perusal. The short-term diagnosis? Sturdy construction, nice embroidery, understated colours, and a comfortable fit.


The Titan Energy gi came in a drawstring carrying bag containing a 550g pearl weave jacket and two pairs of pants (one cotton and one ripstop). It has a bombproof feel that reminds me of my Atama Mundial (still going strong after 5+ years of abuse). The jacket is reinforced in all the regular spots (armpits and skirt slits) and has what feels like a foam collar that my instructor gave the thumbs up to after nearly splitting my jaw with a cross choke. The pants also appear tough, with oversize belt loops, and reinforcement patches up the butt seam and running from knee to shin.

ground game titan pants ripstop butt reinforcement               ground game titan pants waist

I’m a fan of this gi’s look – it’s hard to argue with black accented by white and blue. My parents were visiting while it was hang drying and my mom described it as “pretty.” Add a purple belt and it’s a perfect match for the bruises that adorn my body at most times. As has become standard with jiu-jitsu gis, the jacket has logos aplenty: patches on the shoulders, logo tape around the seams, a silkscreened interior, and embroidered logos on the front lapel, between the shoulder blades, and on the lower shin.

ground game titan jacket interior               ground game titan shoulder patch

The gi comes with two pairs of pants – one cotton and one ripstop – and both are made with fabric that is heavier than the average. Add reinforcement panels from shin to above the knee and a reinforcement patch up the butt seam and these should stand up to some serious abuse. The drawstring is more of a rope (0.75″/1cm in diameter) and I was skeptical of its smooth texture, but I haven’t had any problems with it coming loose. Both pairs of pants have an embroidered Ground Game logo on the lower shin.

ground game titan pants embroidery

On the Mat:
I’m 5’9″ and about 175 and the gi I tried was an A2. Straight out of the bag, this gi was pretty big – I could have worn it overtop of another gi – so I ran the whole kit through the washer and dryer before first use and it shrank into a good fit. It’s since gone through the dryer three times. See the chart below for pre- and post-drying measurements.
On the mats it feels great… no annoying tugs when I squat, no pulling across the shoulders, the collar doesn’t dig into my neck when I look a certain way… put it on, forget about it, and get rolling. And as we move into summer, it’s nice to have the option of the lighter ripstop pants.

ground game titan jacket full

ground game titan pants cottom

ground game gi size

Ground Game’s Titan Energy gi gets the thumbs up. I’m not a gearhead. I’ll buy something, run it into the ground, and then buy a replacement. If this gi turns out to be as durable as it looks I’ll be using it well into my 40s. Coming from the other side, because of its sturdy construction, this gi might not be the best choice for competitors who are trying to squeak into a lower weight category.  A nice option to consider when ordering is that you have the option to save some money and only purchase one pair of pants.  Prices range from €89.00 for the white gi with one pair of pants to €119.00 for the black gi with two pairs of pants.  The black gi with 2 pairs of pants is also available from MAS for $149.99.  Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for updates.

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