Gi Review: Estilo 4.0 Premier

Gi Review: Estilo 4.0 Premier

I would like to start this by telling you this is my first gi review. I’m really happy to have been provided the chance to review this gi, it is an awesome choice in training and for tournament competition.  There are three prime characteristics I want in my gi. I want a durable gi with a close fit that meets all standards for competition in the federations I compete. I want the gi to be light weight and easy to clean. It also wouldn’t hurt my feelings to find a gi which looks good.

As I judge the Estilo Premier 4.0 by that criteria I find it quickly became my absolute favorite gi. The combination of prime functional improvements and simple aestetics has made it my #1 choice for tournament or training day.


tatami estillo 4 shoulder


The Estilo 4.0 has a 500gm single piece pearl weave jacket. It features heavy duty contrast stitching and is re-enforced at all major stress areas. One of the first things you notice when you feel it is the collar material. The collar is constructed of a composite rubberized canvas designed to improve durability and maintain shape longer. A stylized orange/white/black Tatami Fight Wear patch is fixed on each shoulder and down the front of the left lapel. On each shoulder there is an additional stylized patch for the Estilo line. The cuffs are triple stictched re-enforced.

tatami estillo 4 lapel               tatami estillo 4 collar

The pants are excellent. There is an elastic band aroud the waist which helps them stay in psoition even if you are very sweaty. Editor’s Note: The elastic band has been removed from the final production model. The draw strings are a high strength elastic material rather than the traditional canvas twill with several loop options allowing a variety of ways to secure them. This allows for a variety of body sizes and shapes to comfortably wear the pants. The pant is heavily constructed like the kimono with double padding in the knees and triple stitched across all stress points. There is an orange/white/&black tatami patch on the left leg by the hip and an Estilo patch on the right

tatami estillo 4 pants

Putting the Estilo to the test
The pant fit snug for me and i could notice the difference in the thicker material compared to my other gi’s. I have noted a minor degree of less friction with these for certain movements. I have a 34″ inseem and the pant leg terminates about 2″ above my ankle. The pants breath well and dry fast. The jacket has shorter sleeves compared to my other gi’s, and it feels much more durable. Although it feels thicker I noted it does not feel as hot when I roll. I have also found it dries faster after being laundered.

I really like the vibrant blue color. I am not one for patches and such but the few patches on it look good. Being a white belt I was teased a bit, “hey man that gi looks to good to be on you right now” all in good fun.

I believe these are great gi’s and well worth the price. I couldn’t complain about a single feature of it. In terms of practical application I can honestly tell you I am doing much better with a gi fitted better to my frame compared to my others which are much looser at the same size. I think most tournament players will apperciate this gi for it’s durable construction and lighter weight. The bottle line –Tatami Fight Wear makes great gis.

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