Packing for the Pans

Its time. There’s a fervor in the air. The first major tournament of the year, the Pans. Before you leave home take a read and see if you may have forgotten anything.

Link to IBJJF rules regarding gis Scroll down to section 8.1 or page 28.
Belt – You cannot wear a tattered worn out belt. They will not let you compete.
Pockets – Gis may not have pockets. Including the inside pocket for your mouth guard.
Patches- You can’t have any patches on your pants below 15 inches above the cuff.
Cups – Athletic cups are not allowed in IBJJF competition.
White, Blue and Black gis are permitted. Other colors are not. Black belts must bring both white and black gis.
Backup gi – Bring a backup gi. Your gi may not pass inspection or it may tear in competition.

Gym bag -> My bag is always packed. I don’t even think about these things.
Tape, Baby wipes, Tooth brush, Hair brush, Nail clippers

Phone charger
Video Camera
Stop watch or timer (this is for your corner, not you)

Driver’s License
Birth Certificate (Under 16)
IBFFJ Federation Card (Brown & Black)

Entertainment Pans is a long day or couple of days. Be prepared to wait. Some people listen to music. Some play on their phone. Some read. Some study.


Parking — Last year, parking was $10 per day. You’ll park in the parking structure on Mesa Rd.
Gate – or Door, There are two main entrances, Competitors enter through a competitor entrance and spectators though a second set of doors.
Car – This is SoCal. You’ll need a car to get around.

Eats – Pack your food. You know what you like and what’s good tournament food. Here’s an example of what’s in my little igloo cooler: Bread, turkey slices, bananas, water. I also pack a recovery drink.
Think about packing your vitamins and supplements too. You’re going to be traveling for 5-7 days.

Clothes to bring:
Flip-flops – You have to keep your shoes on everywhere except on the mat. Flip-flops are easy to manage.
Hoodie – Sure, we have perfect weather but the temps get nippy when the sun goes down. Bring a hoodie and bring it to the tournament too.
Towel – Not so much for drying off but for an impromptu clean place to sit.
I’ve seen people bring pillows to the competition but I’ve personally always been to amped to use one.

Cash – The concession stand will take plastic but the some of the vendors and acai booth are cash.

Once you’re at the Pans you can walk into the bullpen and check your weight. Check when you will fight, there will be a schedule posed on a wall. And if you’re curious check your check your bracket which should also be posted on a wall somewhere.

Comments welcome. What have you found indispensable when you compete? Do you have a trick to help pass the hours of waiting? What is your go to competition food?

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